First Timer: Some problem

Mark Hymers mark-lfsdiscuss at
Sun Jul 1 06:31:36 PDT 2001


Could I just check which version of the book you're using - 3.0-pre4?

>2. Installing GCC:
>Are you sure the --prefix is /usr and not $LFS/usr ?
I don't think it matters as we pass the install path to make install later
on as make prefix=$LFS/usr install

>3. Installing Kernel Source:
>mkdir asm &&
>cp -a ../src/linux/include/asm/* asm
>Note that in the above block, you are using "cp -a" and in the commentary,
>are referring to "cp -R". That could cause some confusion. (Though cp -a is 
>actually cp -dpR so the commands should work similarly)
This is fixed in CVS.

>Moreover, I think the block should look like the following:
>cd $LFS/usr/src
>tar zxvf $SRCDIR/linux-2.4.5.tar.gz
>cd linux
>yes "" | make config
>make dep
If you look at the first section of the book, it says that we won't tell
you to unpack each archive individually.  Also, I think the make mrproper
is there simply to ensure that the source tree is clean and so to avoid
obscure problems.

>4. Installing TAR:
>Seems to be some problem here:
>[root at falcon tar-1.13]# patch -i ../lfs_src/gnutarpatch.txt
>can't find file to patch at input line 3
I think this is because your'e in the directory tar-1.13 and not
tar-1.13/src.  The command should then be patch -i

>5. Installing TEXINFO (With and Without Patches, the error is same):
I'll let someone else field this one as I don't know!

>6. Mounting $LFS/proc file system:
>mount proc $LFS/proc -t proc
>Should be:
>mount /proc $LFS/proc -t proc
No, I think the original version is correct; when mounting proc on LFS,
it's nothing to do with the original /proc on the host system.

If anyone disagrees with any of this, then I'm sure I'll find out quickly
enough :-)


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