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Sun Jul 1 08:52:18 PDT 2001


> I had the same plans but was going to run it by the new admin, whoever
> it was going to be.

Talk to me boss!

> Perhaps it's in order to rename the hint-admin list so just hints@ or
> lfs-hints at . This would be a list only hint maintainers (that means Ian,
> me, jesse, fabio for now) are subscribed to so we can coordinate stuff
> there, but people can submit to that list their new/updated hints.

This was my idea too actually!

Maybe hints at ?

> Then again, it could be an open list so anybody interested in seeing
> what hints are floating around can lurk on it. It's up to Ian to decide
> on this if he wants it.

I'll think more about this and talk to Gerard and Jesse, but my initial
reaction is that, I don't see a problem with people subscribing and
'lurking', but we will try and keep a strict rule of postings are only
hint-admin stuff, hints or modification to hints.

What I mean is, try not to make it yet another discussion list like
lfs-discuss or lfs-apps otherwise it too be come too high volume and
leaves us with the same problem.

For example discussion about the content of hints (like I have this
compile problem etc) should definatly be on lfs-apps (or lfs-discuss).

Another idea I had, which I just touched on above was to move the hints
to:, and I will put together a nice
index page, and then the hints in a directory, so hints will be in: and will be an index page. So, people can
use the index which will have the filename and a short description, or
they can see the directory listing like we have now.



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