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Seth W. Klein sklein at
Sun Jul 1 11:10:30 PDT 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> <snip>
> > - For reference, I used the following packages that were newer than
> > recommended:
> >
> > - binutils 2.11.2
> > - groff 1.17.1
> > - e2fsprogs 1.22
> They were added earlier today already.

This is a FAQ. Is it alright to add something like:

Q: There's a newer version of package X.
A: It's not worth mentioning. If it's not already in CVS, we
   either know about it or have decided not to use it yet.

Or is there a better answer?

> > - For gzip, why not a mv command instead of cp followed by rm? (Answer:
> > gunzip is a symlink to gzip and mv works left-to-right?)
> when gzip is installed, they are hard linked instead of symbolic linked.
> You can't move a hard link across partition boundaries. If your $LFS and
> $LFS/usr are one and the same partition, mv will work fine. But if $LFS
> and $LFS/usr are seperate partitions mv will fail. The way we do it will
> work no matter how your partitions are set up.

This is a FAQ as well. Should it go in the FAQ or will it be
included in the command explanations or something?

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