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netman raw4 at
Sun Jul 1 14:24:10 PDT 2001


  I last built lfs around version
 2.3.7 or 2.4 (When kde-2 was first
 released as beta).
  Now I build again with my same
 suse-6.4 which uses gcc-2.95.2 &
  I mounted a 2 GB partition on
 /lfs and a 1.5 GB on /lfs/source.
  My problem is that root has
 limited permission somehow.
  If I run a script on a different
 partition than the boot partition,
 I get "permission denied".
  This means I can't unpack my
 sources to /lfs/usr/src as
 ./configure won't run.
  So, I untarred to /usr/src/lfs
 and went from there.
  Lfs-static is installed and now
 it is time to chroot, but guess

 prompt:~# cd /lfs && chroot /lfs /usr/bin/env -i HOME=/root TERM=$TERM
/bin/bash --login
 chroot: cannot execute /usr/bin/env: Permission denied

  I know, it's just like my car;
 I'm not to be trusted as a user to
 open the hood, right?
 (If they're so concerned about my
 safety, I wish they would come
 over to my house and do it right.)
  I've been all through rc.config
 (the main config file) and
 everywhere else I can think of,
 (permissions are easy,local,) and
  I can't figure out how to get
 real super-user priveledges.
 I had the computer going the way I
 want, but I had to re-install suse
 from scratch and I forgot how to
 un-fetter it.
  I may have asked this a couple
 years ago, but can someone tell me
 how I might get full access to my
 own machine?

  Oh, by the way, yes Gerard,
 kde & netscape are broken browsers,
 but only with version 3 books. >;(
  lynx is ok if a bit tedious,
 but ol' Mac 68k is still best.
  Opera wants to sell me something.
  Any other gui browser ideas?

 Thank you,

 Nothing straight was ever made
 from the crooked timber of humanity

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