building LFS: my settings

Mark Hymers mark-lfsdiscuss at
Sun Jul 1 16:57:16 PDT 2001

>I thought I share this with the list.  Basically, the
>only way I see fit to go thru the book and building
>the LFS at the same time is: have the PDF or html file
>open and a terminal window open.  Is this how everyone
>else is doing it? or are you using some PDF viewer
>that works at the command prompt?  I'm using xpdf with
>the LFS book open on it and an xterm window that
>covers about half the display.  This way I can see
>what's on the book and type commands at the same time.
Personally I just have the text version open in vim on one console and use
another to do the build (I also use a third console to log which files each
package is adding to my system).  But any way which suits you and doesn't
cause problems is OK - LFS is about choice isn't it!?!


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