Installing the kernel

Richard Lightman richard at
Tue Jul 3 05:17:18 PDT 2001

Misquoted from Mark Hymers on 2001/07/ 2 at 16:27 +0000:
> I'm waiting for the 2.4.6 kernel to appear before finally doing my "proper"
> (i.e. use it day to day) LFS system.  I was wondering whether it matters
> whether I do the Kernel install in chapter 5 using 2.4.5 as it only appears
> to use the includes and asms from that particular install and I don't think
> they change in a minor fix - do ther?.  
> I could then be ready to recompile my kernel and drop it into /boot as soon
> as 2.4.6 is out.  The reason I don't want to use 2.4.5 is because of the VM
> issues and VIA chipset DMA issues which apparently are to be resolved in
> 2.4.6.
> Any thoughts?
Almost everything will work. You should be ready for problems with stuff
that gets very close to the hardware, but the only package I have had
difficulty with is cdrecord.

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