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David A. Bandel david at
Tue Jul 3 06:15:44 PDT 2001

Erika Pacholleck wrote:
> Do we need to modinfo built-in-kernel object files?
> Anyone who used that? Otherwise, next would be:
> delete source: rm -fR /usr/src/linux/

You could do this.  Personally, I leave /usr/src/linux so I can quickly
patch up, run make oldconfig, and build a new kernel in a hurry.  But no
harm in rm'ing /usr/src/linux.  It's only used for a kernel build (as
long as the new kernel image used for boot is moved elsewhere -- I have
seen some folks just point lilo down there, but I personally don't
consider that prudent -- see my other post).

But if you rm /usr/src/linux, I'd save the .config file somewhere. 
That's smart to do anyway, because a make mrproper will wipe that file
(I only use make mrproper once on any system -- when I grab a pristine
kernel, after that, it's patch and build).


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