OT: proftpd freezes

rayers at rdasys.net rayers at rdasys.net
Wed Jul 4 01:18:41 PDT 2001

Alright, it doesn't really freeze, but I have just completed a setup for a
webserver for my company.  I am trying to update some of the sites with a
program called weex.  For some reason, when it is having to deal with a
lot of files it just freezes (proftpd on the server).  Now, I can still
connect again with another xterm, but that one connection freezes.  I know
it is not my computer at home with weex because when I update the same
files on another ftp server, it all goes well.  I checked the MTU of the
connections and they are 1500.  I've checked the logs on my computer, and
the server, and nothing is showing up.  I put proftpd in debug 5 mode
printing to stdout, and nothing shows up.  It just says whatever the last
command it received was.  BTW, this happens when it is making directories
on the ftp, or just uploading files.

Anybody ever heard of this before?


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