Book 3.0pre4 Chapter5 Fileutils

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Wed Jul 4 09:31:36 PDT 2001

+-Spall, Michael-(Michael.Spall at[04.07.01 18:21]:
> and that is exactly the attitude that has given Linux all of its problems so
> far.

No - the problems result in not reading the manuals. That is not only
with linux, but with mobiles, recorders (any kind), washing machines and

> YOU might find 
> ln -s source [dest] 
> easier to use, but i would personally much rather use 
> symlink source to dest

Actually you can do as you like, but I like the "less to type"-version
best. Less chance for typing errors and you can easily see that the link
does get the same name - and not a different. 

Personally I would wonder wether it is a typo in the second name,
because it was not needed ;)

> And Im certain that a lot of "not as good" computing users would agree with
> me.  I ahve the bonus of being good with computers and so I can handle
> learning all of this, but Linux wont ever reach the desktop in non-technical
> environments whilst this thinking is still about.

It will not reach the "desktop in non-technical environments" when
people will not be able to right-click, choose "create link" and mark
"soft" ...

> Sir Percival

Please reply below a quoted (and shortened) message. It's easier to see
what you are refering to this way. (that was to all users, not only you

End while we are at it (yes, I am a -uhm- beanie-counter today) - this
is really not needed (and wrong splitted from the rest of the mail -
correct would be "-- " which is "dash dash space return")

A sig should not be longer than 4 lines. - I suggest you set up a
webpage and provide a link to it (but it might be your mail-system that
adds it. If so, please contact your system admininstration).
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