Book 3.0pre4 Chapter5 Fileutils

Kristoffer Ekelund e7ke at
Wed Jul 4 10:04:27 PDT 2001

On Wed, 4 Jul 2001, Ian Chilton wrote:

> Hello,
> > Should the line in chapter 5 'Installation of Fileutils' on page 63
> >     ln -s ../../bin/install
> > not be
> >     ln -s ../../bin/install install
> I think so, and it's still not fixed in the cvs build from last night,
> so cc'ing to lfs-book.

No, ln makes a link of the same name in the current directory in you ommit
the last argument. See the man page of ln, link_name (the last
argument) is optional.

Read, think, spread!

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