Book 3.0pre4 Chapter5 Fileutils

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Wed Jul 4 10:18:31 PDT 2001

On Wed, 4 Jul 2001, Spall, Michael wrote:

> and that is exactly the attitude that has given Linux all of its problems so
> far.
> YOU might find 
> ln -s source [dest] 
> easier to use, but i would personally much rather use 
> symlink source to dest
> And Im certain that a lot of "not as good" computing users would agree with
> me.  I ahve the bonus of being good with computers and so I can handle
> learning all of this, but Linux wont ever reach the desktop in non-technical
> environments whilst this thinking is still about.
> Of course thats just my 2 cents (or whatever)

I totally disagree with you here. Avarage non-techincal users should never
have to touch something like ln, they should be insulated from it. Just as
windows does. How many windows users know what the dos commands rd and md
do? Or even ren? The console and xterm is for people who are either admins
or genuinly interested in computers and how they work.

And this might be an "elitist" attitude, but I really don't think so. The
same goes for LFS, while of course no one should be exluded, it really
isn't for the avarage user. The avarage user needs (and wants in my
experience) a nice GUI that makes sure they never have to touch any of the
internal workings admins and other computer interested people do.


Read, think, spread!

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