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Thu Jul 5 15:38:06 PDT 2001

On Thursday 05 July 2001 12:28, you wrote:
> You need to remove the
> In-Reply-To: <01070517102401.04242 at pauls.bsrg.dnsq.org>; from
> paul at cmm.uklinux.n header additionally

Ah.  Thanks.  (off subject) That erm. hostname, shouldn't really be there, it 
can't be replied to, sendmail is firewalled and the domain A record isn't 
often updated and no MX exists, I hope this isn't going to get me into 
trouble.  Although the ISP copes well and says nothing- I just worked out the 
internal mail server stuff recently

> > Do I start again, or break the rules and use a pre-comiled binary?
> No way!
> But I am afraid, I have no idea either :(

It's got to be something to do with Mandrake 8 on the host and Kernel 2.4, 
prior to CHROOT.

I could give it a go under RedHat 7.1.  Means starting again though, but my 
new slave server is hopefully being born soon, and she will wear RedHat (at 
last prototype this was easiest option ).  Dreams of a hand built, hand 
comiled and configured LFS server...... 8-)

Has anyone got an alternative source package of M4?  Another version?  
Anything I can try?

>      Balu


Paul Campbell
paul at cmm.uklinux.net
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