eth0: cable disconnect?

Gintautas gmlists at
Thu Jul 5 09:01:24 PDT 2001


DK> Maybe this comes together with the Realtek´s Kernel option 'Support for
DK> automatic channel equalization'? I don´t use it and I don´t have this
DK> message.

 Just wanted to note that I have the same problem. My network card is
 Compex RE100TX, and some Linux distro showed me that it was using the
 RTL8139 chipset so now I use it and it works ;))

 I'm not using the above mentioned option.

 I didn't notice two modules for RTL8139... Are you sure there are

 Funny, some time ago (I think it was some early 2.4 kernel), I had an
 annoying problem with the 8139too driver that it constantly output
 this message to the console: "eth0: promiscuous mode enabled" or
 something. Good it's fixed now ;)


 I'm immortal - so far.

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