Boot on a new LFS system

Philippe Lefèvre ph.lefevre at
Sun Jul 8 02:19:34 PDT 2001

Thank you very much for your help Gerard,

I read the current LFS version and applied that method: it runs fine and
partially resolved
my problem as it now prints an uninterruptible flow of  01 01 ... at boot
!  I recently read
something about this in the list and I'm going to check...

thank you again for any help, and thanks to Gerard for this nice job on


Gerard Beekmans a écrit :

> > then ran lilo:
> >         lilo -C /etc/lilo.conf -b /dev/sdc1
> the -b option ha to be a disk, not a partition. Try this:
> lilo -C /etc/lilo.conf -b /dev/sdc

Oh yes, you're right !

> This way the MBR of that harddisk will contain LILO and when it becomes
> sda, the MBR will be read from it and the LFS version of lilo will be
> ran.
> But, don't run lilo inside chroot. The way 2.4.4 does it has some big
> problems.

Do you mean that it is a specific problem with 2.4.4 only or is this a true
all kernels 2.4.xx. (I could change to 2.4.6 as it is available now !)

> Instead, read the current LFS version at
> and read the updated instructions that are much
> safer to use (running lilo inside chroot can sometimes, for some
> strange reason, fail and leave your system unbootable).
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