lilo problems

Harold Noad noadie at
Sun Jul 8 07:29:11 PDT 2001

On Saturday 07 July 2001 07:43, Richard Mosquera wrote:
> hullo,
>         I have a hard disk which is hdc at the moment. LFS is on
> there (hdc1) and i'd like to use it in a different computer. I tried
> to install lilo to the mbr of hdc but when i stick it in the other
> computer i get LI 01 01 01 etc ... Is it even possible to install
> lilo on a harddisk which is hdc but will be hda ? I was probarbly
> doing it wrong but if anyone knows how ... plz lemme know.
> cheers,
>              Rich

Chapter 4 should be of interest.
Installing hdc to Boot as hda and Using bios=

Good luck
Harold Noad
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