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( Son, 08 Jul 2001 ) Marcel Mulder <-- :
> I am currently working on LFS 3.0pre4, but I wondered before. Why is
> nothing said about the question's the make of net-tools asks. I can
> imagine that some people can't answer all the question because the don't
> understand the question. Maybe it can be added in the book or at least a
> hint.
> Has somebody a predefined input script so it can be automated?

It equals to what you choose when configuring your kernel, and if you
forgot what you configured, consult your /usr/src/linux/.config file.
If you forgot what that was for, consult the file in

Those questions create a file ../net-tools-<vers.>/config.h 
The question text for those values is in

I am using a script for building my lfs.
If I want to change something I change 0 to 1 or verse way which is the
only way of "automate" this to my needs. You can't give a general advice,
because this is dependend on what your system looks like. There is no
use enabling ethernet if you don't have it, for example.

The section in question for it is this:
cd /usr/src/net-tools*/
----- command example (yes for AFUNIX, AFINET, HWPPP, all other no)
cat << "EOF" > config.h
#define I18N 0
#define HAVE_AFUNIX 1
#define HAVE_AFINET 1
#define HAVE_AFINET6 0
#define HAVE_AFIPX 0
#define HAVE_AFATALK 0
#define HAVE_AFAX25 0
#define HAVE_AFROSE 0
#define HAVE_AFX25 0
#define HAVE_AFDECnet 0
#define HAVE_AFASH 0
#define HAVE_HWETHER 0
#define HAVE_HWARC 0
#define HAVE_HWSLIP 0
#define HAVE_HWPPP 1
#define HAVE_HWSTRIP 0
#define HAVE_HWTR 0
#define HAVE_HWAX25 0
#define HAVE_HWROSE 0
#define HAVE_HWX25 0
#define HAVE_HWFR 0
#define HAVE_HWSIT 0
#define HAVE_HWFDDI 0
#define HAVE_HWHIPPI 0
#define HAVE_HWASH 0
#define HAVE_HWIRDA 0
#define HAVE_HWEC 0
#define HAVE_IP_TOOLS 0
#define HAVE_MII 0
----- end example

Then I go on normally: make ....

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