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Corey McGuire coreyfro at shargaas.coreyfro.com
Sun Jul 8 12:23:12 PDT 2001

yup... binary... also, like i said, HTTP and Floppy also didn't work

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On 7/8/2001 at 12:53 PM David A. Bandel wrote:

>Corey McGuire wrote:
>> Ok, I have mentioned this before, but until now, I didn't have to opportunity to recreate this phenomena.
>> When I download a binary, "squake" for example, chmod 755, then try to execute "./squake" I get the error "sh: ./squake: No such file or directory"
>> This happens only with executables downloaded in binary form, when I compile the executable, it works fine.
>> I have tried FTP, HTTP and good old floppy with the same results.
>> I have another Linux box, I try it, it works fine.
>> This is not just squake, this is all downloaded binaries and even downloaded scripts.  (i can dump scripts via Telnet, or i wouldn't have gotten this far)
>> As a sanity check, AND THIS IS THE KICKER, I extracted it in my old host OS (suse 6.3) chmod 755, ran it, it spit out an error saying i didn't have the pak files (which means it worked) THEN rebooted into LFS and it STILL didn't work.
>> What am I doing wrong?
>Are you downloading in binary or ASCII format?  Make sure the download
>is binary.
>David A. Bandel
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