Pb entering the chroot'ed environment

ivo ivo at thecourtofeden.org
Mon Jul 9 02:46:23 PDT 2001


I had this once, I compiled everthing in an xterm after sued to root.
When i tryed to chroot i had the same error.

The problem was, It was not compiled staticly.
So it looks for the library's it can't find.

Try: 	ldd /usr/bin/env
Or :	file /usr/bin/env

It should not be NOT be dynamicly

Mayby it got nothing to do with it but i tryed it all over again
on a normal console, directly logged in as root

I still don't know what the problem caused but i finnaly made everything
static and got rid of the 'no such file or directory' errors

I hope it's of any use to you

Greetz Ovis

On Sun, 8 Jul 2001, Bertrand Goareguer wrote:

> I'm installing my first LFS system with 3.0pre2 version of the book. When I enter the command 'chroot $LFS /usr/bin/env -i HOME=/root TERM=$TERM /bin/bash --login' I'm told 'chroot:cannot execute /usr/bin/env:no such file or directory' But the file env is in /usr/bin. So I don't understand where my problem comes from.

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