Cannot execut rcS

Florin Boariu florin at
Mon Jul 9 04:29:43 PDT 2001

Try with emacs: load the script, then type 
ESC-x replace-string

Press enter. Emacs will ask you to type the string to be replaced. Pick by
cut-n-paste the last character (should look like ^M). Use gpm to do this,
or use xemacs and X's mouse cut-n-paste feature. Then press enter, and
emacs will ask you to press the string to replace ^M with. Press enter
(empty string). That sould do it.

Or, in other words: use dos2unix ;) They should be downloadable somewhere.
The SuSE distributions used to have them installed by default.

good luck!

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Hartmut [iso-8859-1] Brüning wrote:

> Sebastian Edman wrote:
> > Problem with CR+LF
> Oh yes this is a good tip. I reduced my rcS script
> and another script running without a problem to
>      #!/bin/sh
>      echo "Hallo"
> I gave them the same attributes. My rcS script didn't
> work. The other script run. A hex comparism of the
> to files showed a CR+LF after the first line of my
> rcS script which was not visible in vi, cat and less.
> I hope I'll find a way killing these CRs without
> retyping all the scripts.
> Thank you
> Hartmut

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