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Mon Jul 9 02:11:26 PDT 2001

( Mon, 09 Jul 2001 ) Richard Lightman <-- :
> 1) The kernel often has symbols for protocols and hardware.
>    net-tools asks about each separately. For these protocols
>    in the kernel, it is not clear which symbols selects the
>    hardware:
> CONFIG_ROSE selects a protocol. What selects rose hardware?
  in /kernelsrc/Documentation/
  1. searched for:
  CONFIG_ROSE = Amateur Radio X.25 PLP (Rose) alternative to NET/ROM
  2. read text, search for keywords in text:
  CONFIG_AX25 = Amateur Radio AX.25 Level 2
  3. relation found to previous one:
> CONFIG_NETROM selects a protocol. What selects netrom hardware?
  CONFIG_NETROM = Amateur Radio NET/ROM layer protocol on top of AX.25

> CONFIG_ECONET selects a protocol. What selects acorn hardware?
  1. searched for:
  CONFIG_ECONET = Acorn Econet/AUN protocols
  2. read text, search for keywords in text:
  CONFIG_ECONET_AUNUDP = AUN over UDP send over packet based proto on top IP
  CONFIG_ECONET_NATIVE = Native Econet network card installed
  CONFIG_SCSI_ECOSCSI = EcoSCSI support card sits in the Econet socket

> 2) Last time I checked, there was no support for Ash in the
>    kernel. What symbol would be set if there was?
>    The script assume you do not want Ash.
  1. remembered having seen something like that
  /usr/include/netash/ash.h:1 installed by glibc says:
  Definitions for use with Linux AF_ASH sockets
  2. having to do with sockets, see what kernel header file says
  :131: comment for this: /* Supported address families. */
  :152: #define AF_ASH 18 /* Ash */
  :161: comment for this: /* Protocol families, same as address families. */
  :182: #define PF_ASH AF_ASH
  3. look into all *.h files in kernelsrc/recursive
  4. do the same for all files and _ASH 
  result 3: not a single header file includes ash.h
  result 4: I will give only the file/line/keyword reference here
  /linux/include/linux/if_arp.h:72: ARPHRD_ASH
  /linux/include/asm-arm/arch-tbox/dma.h:26:27:30: DMA_ASH{RX_B,TX,RX}
  /linux/arch/arm/def-configs/clps7500:285: CONFIG_ASH is not set
  /linux/arch/arm/def-configs/shark:233: CONFIG_ASH is not set
  5. possible conclusion: this is arm architecture

I am no expert in this but I hope this helps a bit.
Of course, corrections always well seen.
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