agetty and login

Matthias Benkmann haferfrost at
Mon Jul 9 15:06:55 PDT 2001

On 9 Jul 2001, at 10:51, Richard A Downing wrote:

> I have conisistently had a problem with agetty and login, from all 6
> virtual tty's (alt-Fn).  Inittab is per the book. I get /etc/issue
> displayed, then 'lfs0 login:', I type 'root', I get the 'Password:' prompt
> (yes I wait for it - it is a 486!), then I type the password (yes I'm sure
> I get it right, including the case), and it doesn't log me in, and it
> does'nt say 'Login incorrect', it just displays /etc/issue then 'lfs0
> login:' again.  

The error message is sent via syslog to a log file in /var/log. Check out 
those log files to find the error message. From your problem description I 
guess that

rm /var/run/utmp
touch /var/run/utmp

should fix your login problems.


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