agetty and login

Florian Bachmann f_bachmann at
Mon Jul 9 15:34:23 PDT 2001

On Monday 09 July 2001 11:51, you wrote:
> I get /etc/issue displayed, then 'lfs0 login:', I type 'root', I get the
> 'Password:' prompt (yes I wait for it - it is a 486!), then I type the
> password (yes I'm sure I get it right, including the case), and it doesn't
> log me in, and it does'nt say 'Login incorrect', it just displays
> /etc/issue then 'lfs0 login:' again.  Often I can then login OK, but
> sometimes, particularly with tty1

I am just guessing, but you may be running multiple getty processes on the 
same virtual terminal - check the /etc/inittab file and make sure you pass a 
different tty to each getty instance.

Good luck,

Florian Bachmann <f_bachmann at>
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