agetty and login

Richard A Downing richard.a.downing at
Tue Jul 10 04:43:13 PDT 2001

Matthias and Florian,
Thank you both for your help.
I thought Florian would be right (my typing as abominable), but in fact my
inittab was fine.
It was Matthias's suggestion which fixed the problem.
Looks like a system crash (I had a few) caused a partial and untidy utmp
file to left in /var/run.
The following from man utmp is instructional:

Warning: utmp must not be writable, because many system programs (foolishly)
depend on its integrity...

So I guess to Matthias's instructions should be added (as su):
chmod -w /var/run/utmp

Thanks again.

On Behalf Of Matthias Benkmann
The error message is sent via syslog to a log file in /var/log. Check out
those log files to find the error message. From your problem description I
guess that

rm /var/run/utmp
touch /var/run/utmp

should fix your login problems.


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