Fileutils compilation problem

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Wed Jul 11 08:40:47 PDT 2001

I have built an LFS system following the instructions on the CVS book. I
gcc-3.0 and glibc-2.2.3. All the software was optimized with -O3 and
except mawk. It's running over a week whitout a single crash. No single
has segfaulted on me.

IMHO, people who want to build his/her own linux system, wants total control
total freedom. I dont think we should take that away from them beacouse we
that it isn't very stable. May we add both compilation instructions?
GCC-2.95.2 and
GCC-3.0? Let the final user choose which one.

Thanks for reading 

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> But now I'm confronted with what looks like a unsolved problem : after
> recompiling dynamically fileutils, I got an error configuring the next
> program (grep), a seg fault while testing ls -t. So I got back to
> fileutils, recompiled it in the basic env (a Mandrake 7.2 with Gcc
> 2.95.3 and Glibc 2.1.3, after throwing away a Mdk 8.0 with that $%*#&{
> Gcc 2.96). Then I got back ls working. But the problem remains.
> What can I do for this one ? Looks like a Glibc problem, doesn't it ?

It does yes. The CVS book uses gcc-3.0 and glibc-2.2.3. They aren't too
stable yet, especially gcc-3.0. It'll be better to replace gcc-3.0 with
gcc- and glibc-2.2.3 with glibc-2.2.1 - ala the 3.0-pre4 book.
The CVS book is not very usable at this moment to build a stable system
Gerard Beekmans

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