Dev-fs benifits

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Jul 11 11:43:40 PDT 2001

> In building my latest lfs system, I began to ponder the trimming
> of the /dev file tree, and consider dev-fs.  Are there any
> benefits to dev-fs that would make it worth the compatibility
> workarounds required?

	well, I think so, cause there really arn't much workarounds to do other
than run the devfsd.  OTOH, there are some little configuration things that
may be a little more obscure.

	An example:  I have a SB Live card and I havn't spent the time to configure
the permissions of the created entries.  Therefore, in X, a regular user
can't play anything 'cause /dev/mixer and friends are all owned by root.  I
know this is just a configuration issue, cause I've scanned over the docs,
just haven't yet had the time to fix it  :/

	Can't really think of anything else off the top of my head, but it's not
really that hard to implement so....


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