Fileutils compilation problem

Leonardo Valeri Manera lv2 at
Wed Jul 11 17:23:59 PDT 2001

FRANCOIS Nicolas wrote:

> Klingon Linux users ARE brave. You insult me supposing I'll choose the
> weak stable book. Weren't you Beekmans'god, I would have given you a
> lesson from left ear to right :-(=)
> More seriously, I'm really on the brave side. I posted this message for
> two reasons : first I want fileutils to compile :-) second, it may help
> you brave developpers to know that there is this kind of problem
> arising, to provide us with black magic patches.
> Very seriously now, I think this is one of the reasons why I allways
> choose CVS : to give this great project from which I learn so much
> something back. But you're right : I'm gonna recompile a 2.2.1/2.95.3
> system, and will do my experiments on another partition. If only I had
> an Athlon 1GHz :-(((
> \bye

one thing:

i had the nice segfault with fileutils thing:

turns out that I had compiled glibc with -fomit-frame-pointer

now i just finished rebuilding glibc with gcc 3.0 and keeping the frame 
pointers, and it all works fine.

in fact, something to that effect is written in the glibc faq :)

as long as you keep to that, you should'nt have problems.

perhaps something to be added as a warning in the book?

like: "whatever you do, don't uze -fomit-frame-pointer when compiling 
glibc, joo w33l b skroowd!"

leo - now happy: he can ls stuff again!

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