Fileutils compilation problem

Leonardo Valeri Manera lv2 at
Wed Jul 11 21:14:08 PDT 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> yes that's doable. When installing gcc-3.0 add --enable-languages=c to
> ./configure and when installing gcc-2.95.3 add --enable-languages=c++ to
> ./configure
> This will build only c from gcc-3 and c++ from 2.95.3 and shouldn't be
> in eachothers way.

i _might_ try that then (maybe)

i think i'll wait until ive got a working system tho. ;)

> fine, but a not properly working c++ is not what I call a viable option
> in the long run.

fair enough. gotta wait for 3.0.x or whatever for that, i guess :(

i think the new c++ abi should make things *better*, once they get it to 
work, of course. i'm also quite interested in the Jva compiler. once 
they get it up to par with java2, it could turn into an interesting tool.

> I've seen some problems compiling things like XFree86,
> netkit-<something>, oidentd and a few other packages. But not as much as
> the c++ problems.

x will probably be a bitch, just as usual - guess i'll wait till I get 
there and see.

> It's a personal opinion mostly. I need a good working c++ compiler on my
> system, else there won't be future lfs-book releases (the xml parser is
> c++ only. No viable c alternatives) for one thing.

bugger. oh well, it is a .0 after all...
guess it's to be expected.
i just hope they fix it quick.


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