Dev-fs benifits

Florin Boariu florin at
Thu Jul 12 03:08:33 PDT 2001

another .02$:

it looks clean. do ls /dev (classic) and do ls /dev (devfs) and you'll
know what I mean.

i'm running devfs on my lfs-ppc. at first I had some obscure problems
since the x server tried to load /dev/fb0, which did not exist, and the x
server did not write an appropriate error message. it simply died.

but i pached the server, aswell as other applications (mostly
sound-related) and it works ok.

as for soft links: i'm not a big friend of them in /dev -- i like devfs
mostly because it's cleanly structured, so creating softlinks to make it
look like the classic /dev tree is pointless to me, i even turned off the
compatibility option of devfsd because of this reason. this does indeed
require some patching work, but that's a single effort (which is rather
small), on installation, and then it works forever...


On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Leonardo Valeri Manera wrote:

> Kristoffer Ekelund wrote:
> > Probably should mention that I've only tried devfs on "virgin" systems
> > that have had it built in from the start, so YMMV.
> > 
> > 	Sincerely,
> > 	Kristoffer
> I have been running ROCKLinux for 5 months now, and it's a devfs-only 
> distro.
> and, as was mentioned, there's little you can't fix with a softlink.
> and just recently, i upgraded my suse 7.1 to devfs + devfsd is sight of 
> building lfs. no problems wahtsoever.
> leo

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