Fileutils compilation problem

Matthias Benkmann haferfrost at
Thu Jul 12 06:21:52 PDT 2001

On 12 Jul 2001, at 3:47, Leonardo Valeri Manera wrote:

> Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> > Oh that I totally agree with. Perhaps I wasn't clear in my previous
> > email, I was just mentioning that two gcc versions in the lfs-book isn't
> > an option. I rather fix a package than install a different gcc.
> agree. however, even though glibc ain't supposed to build with gcc 3.0, and
> it does, c++ on gcc 3.0 is actually quite flaky. noone here at the
> university who i know has been able to compile kde with it, and i had to
> make groff with a blank CFLAGS.

It's not gcc 3.0's C++ support that is flaky. It's the C++ support of 
earlier versions of gcc that was flaky. This lead to a lot of code being 
written that is not proper ANSI C++ but just happened to work with older 
gccs. gcc 3.0 is the first gcc that has proper ANSI C++ support (and is 
very strict at it).

> while i abhor the idea of having a rhat-style "second compiler"...if you
> wanna use gcc3.0 there's little to do about it.
> I was thinking of installing gcc 3.0 for c only, and gcc 2.95.3 for c++
> only on my that doable? 

It's doable but doesn't make sense. As I've heard, the C code that 3.0 
produces is sometimes slightly inferior to that of earlier gccs (but don't 
take my word for it, it's just hearsay) as most of the improvements have 
gone into the C++ part. You would only want to install gcc 3.0 to get a 
proper ANSI C++ compiler. I think that is its only true advantage. It's 
certainly the only reason why I use it.

> i completely agree. doing pathces to make programs work with a compiler
> that will be updated in 2/3 months (maybe less? anyone know how far gcc
> 3.0.1 or whatever is in the future?) is a) a waste of time b) quite silly
> really.

It is unlikely that gcc will be updated to support the programs that don't 
work right now. As I understand it the position of the gcc team is 
"gcc is following the standards more closely now. If a program doesn't 
compile, then the program is broken."


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