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Dave Ayers fogey at
Thu Jul 12 07:58:32 PDT 2001

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001 13:13:34 -0400
Gerard Beekmans <gerard at> wrote:

> > The reboot seemed to go normally, it entered runlevel 3 and gave me a
> > login prompt, but when I tried to login as root with the root
password, I
> > got the message "Unable to change tty /dev/tty1: no such file...", and
> > was back at login prompt.
> This can be caused when the root file system isn't mounted in read-write
> mode. Did the mountfs script run? It should print on your screen that's
> it re-mounting the root file system in read-write mode.

That nudge did it, and thanks for the quick response. The problem was that
the chap7-symlinks-permissions script did not complete because I didn't
closely read the instructions and the script. I had not created the
loadkeys script and didn't eliminate the reference to it in setting up the
symlinks and perms.

On to Chapter 9...

Dave Ayers, happy camper again. 
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