David A. Bandel david at pananix.com
Fri Jul 13 06:19:23 PDT 2001

Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
> Hi there.
> Does anyone know where can I grab the source code for the nslookup
> utility? I have searched in vain throughout the internet without
> success. Either I am blind, or I don't see well.
> What I mean is just the nslookup utility and that the old-style one. The
> one which can be found in the recent bind sources is a bit too new for
> me. It complains about its being obsolete and I should use dig, but I am
> quite stubborn and want to use the old-style nslookup no matter what :-)

You must be using BIND 9.x if it's complaining about being deprecated. 
nslookup is part of bind, just get bind v8.2.3.


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