Unable to cd to "/home/user" SOLVED

Erika Pacholleck pacholleck at nexgo.de
Fri Jul 13 11:35:43 PDT 2001

( Fre, 13 Jul 2001 ) Erika Pacholleck <-- :
> I mean, recompling will not help if it is a permission problem
> and that message permission denied is pointing into that direction.

Assuming a permission problem, I was starting to systematically
check my whole system for perms.
Began at the root directory and this showed up as:
 drwxr-x--- root.root /

Changed that to 755 and all users could login. :))
I assume the reason for this was a starting distro which was
defined as "paranoid", the subdirs all created correctly
by my install script but of course not the root dir.

At least I know now what paranoid means (without dictonary)
Thanks for all your ideas.

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