Ralf Vitasek ralfv at ralfv.de
Fri Jul 13 16:41:13 PDT 2001

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> David A. Bandel wrote:

>> You must be using BIND 9.x if it's complaining about being deprecated. 
>> nslookup is part of bind, just get bind v8.2.3.
>> Ciao,
>> David A. Bandel
> You could also use:
>  alias nslookup='nslookup -silent'
> to get rid of the complaining message.
>  -- Bruce

-silent won`t help much more than disabling the message,
nslookup from bind9 is IMHO a complete piece of shit :-(

it seems to be rewritten, but totally crippled -> 'set q=any' doesn`t 
work anymore.

they should have included the old version, if they already plan to 
remove it from future releases, it makes no sense to me why they changed 
it so massively. :-(

perhaps they should make nslookup to an interactive extension for 'dig' 
shouldn`t be too hard.

just my 2 cents


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