Too many patches!

Steve Bougerolle steveb at
Fri Jul 13 20:10:38 PDT 2001

I've just been building a new system using 3.0pre-4 (after building
previously from 3.0pre-1).  There seem to be way more patches to download
and apply with this version than before.  I didn't have the patches handy
and had done this before without patches, so I just ignored them this time
and all seems to have compiled perfectly well anyway.

Given all this, I have to ask - WHY are all these patches listed in the book?

If you start building a whole pile of special patches to download and
apply, then it isn't "from scratch" any more and might as well be another

If there are good, necessary reasons for these patches then please tell us
in the book what they do.  Some of the older ones are explained, like the
patch to tar that allows one to use bz2, but there's a lot of stuff in
there which has no point I'm aware of.

Steve Bougerolle
Creek & Cowley Consulting, Hong Kong
steveb at

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