Announcing Fuzzy Linux 0.5!

Andy ac_ml at
Sat Jul 14 02:12:26 PDT 2001

Announcing Fuzzy Linux 0.5!

I just finished an ISO of Fuzzy Linux, my ickle business card sized linux distro
build from LFS. The ISO is available for critique at This server is quite slow, if anyone wants to
mirror it please feel free :) It's designed to fit on a business card sized CDR,
to put in your wallet or whatever, and consequently is limited to 40mb (which
I've filled :)

I'm quite proud of it (for a first attempt). It has a web browser (lynx) and an
IRC client (BitchX). It tries to use DHCP on boot to grab your IP address, but
has documentation for setting up your networking settings if that fails
manually. It automagically detects your network card through the crappy script
/etc/init.d/netdet (which I wrote and others are free to steal :)

There are a few issues I have that I intend to fiz before the next release:
    1. No PCMCIA support (I didn't know how to do it then :)
    2. It's compiled to i686 (damn uname), this will be changed to i386
    3. Theres not enough stuff on it. I'll look into the linuxcare BBC to see
how they implemented their CD and copy their method.
    4. It needs to be 'weeded'. There are quite a few files in there that arent
needed, so I'd like to remove everything (like gcc, there are no includes, so
this isnt needed :)

Any comments you have would be greatly appreciated, however scathing, so I can
improve it. If anyone has any questions about how anything is done, please ask

Many thanks to Bryan Dumm for help with the bootscripts.


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