mutt & mailinglists

Andre Wyrwa a.wyrwa at
Sat Jul 14 06:28:28 PDT 2001

> I use mutt all the time.  I don't try to use mutt's filtering, procmail works
> very well for me.

Hmm...thx, but I think I don't like that. Mutt seems to have excelent filtering functionality, problem is that for me it works for outgoing mail only, but should - as mentioned in the docs for ingoing, too.

(Your solution means having another system-maildir AND another mutt-maildir.)

> If you're still using mbox (why?) then leave off the trailing slash.

What's the benefit of maildir? when using mbox I have one file, when using maildir, a have a dir cluttered with files. For large amounts of mail I can't imagine that having a dir full of files is much faster than having one file full of mails. Or is it? Or are there any other advantages?


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