first timer /dev/initctl question

jc goff jc_thulsa at
Sat Jul 14 20:21:44 PDT 2001

er, hello.

after building an lfs-intel-3.0-pre4 on a slackware based system, useing the 
packaged bootscripts so as to avoid my horrible type-o magnatism (evident in 
this post i'm sure) i stumbled into a problem.
upon rtfm and searching here and there i have resorted to the vast knowledge of the mailing lists. btw, if this is in the wrong 
section, just tell me as i rarely post anything but...
upon booting the newly compiled lfskernel i am greeted with the familiar 
scrolling info until i reach something like...

INIT: /dev/initctl is not a fifo

followed by errors that state the functions file in init.d is too big and 
eval_whatchamacallit: command not found, loadkeys is too big, loadproc: 
command not found, etc and so on. /dev/initctl does exist and really is a 
fifo (named pipe) but init doesn't think so. booting with lilo: lfs 
init=/sbin/init produced the same thing even after a recompile of sysvinit. 
(none) login: does appear after syslogk fails, but upon entering root and 
the password it simply does nothing and pops up (none) login: once again. 
this is probably something trivial but it has me stumped. thanks in advance 
for any guidance.

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