CVS Chapter 6 bash Problem

william wgc at
Sun Jul 15 02:43:44 PDT 2001


	I have been trying to get ppp up and running to get online with my lfs
The modem doesn't seem to be getting detected or configured during boot. Is
this something wrong or something that I haven't done. Setserial shows me
have an uknown uart: on ttyS3 where my modem is. If I manually set the uart
I can dial out with wvdial (had to manually create config for wvdial as it
could not detect the modem) then wvdial gets the carrier and waits for a
prompt that never arrives,gives up, and starts pppd which dies immediatly.
I checked
the kern log and during boot it is only configuring ttyS1 and ttyS2.
Checking the deamon log I seem to be getting two different error messages..

modprobe: can't locate module tty-ldisc-3
pppd [44] : couldn't set tty to ppp discipline: invalid argument

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