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Scot Mc Pherson behomet at
Sun Jul 15 08:16:25 PDT 2001

Gerard and friends,
    I have a suggestion regarding source patches. If a patch is included in
the book and packages. It might be a good idea to add a few comment lines to
the top or bottom of the patch crediting the author and a brief description
of why there is the patch and what it does. If you look at the patch for
man-pages-1.35 (which you have packaged as 1.38 BTW) you will see at the
bottom of the patch the authors are listed. Since Linus was one of the
authors of this particular patch, I think people have no problem applying
this patch. If you were to have a short explanation within the patch, I
think it would also help.

Since patches have been a hot topic lately perhaps having this stuff
commented in the patch might help allay some fears and trepidation about the
patches and what they accomplish.

Scot Mc Pherson
~Linux is a journey, not a guided tour~

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