GCC huge

SirKnight sirknight at ntur.net
Sun Jul 15 08:45:01 PDT 2001

Well, last night I tried the whole LFS thing again.  The book says that
750mB is plenty of space for everything, and I happened to have an extra 1GB
partition that I dedicated to LFS.  I bunzip2'ed the archives and then
untarred them, then I removed the tar and the bz2 files.  Problem is when I
try to compile GCC it fills up the hard drive.  I ran into this last time I
tried out LFS.  How much space do I REALLY need.  I'm guessing the 750mB
number is later when the binaries aren't statically linked anymore.  Another
annoying thing is the make doesn't crash when hard drive space runs out, for
some reason it just keeps going.

Oh well...

I'm using RedHat 7.1 and my $LFS mounted on a 1GB partition.  Before I
compiled GCC I think there was around 70 mb on the drive from compiling the
other stuff.  I erased a lot of the directories of the sources I hadn't got
to yet and some other stuff on the drive and got it to around 200mb free.

Perhaps since I have source code and tons of little files there might be a
specific INODE side I should use?  (1024?)


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