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> >  Setuid shell scripts are not supported, period.  Try making
> the following
> >  script setuid and running it, if you're not convinced:
> >
> >  #!/bin/sh
> >  /usr/bin/id
> >
>  :-((
> And as I tried perl scripts aren't either...
> Hell, I want to set up a script that dials pppd so that I don't
> need to log in
> as root to get on the net. There must be a way... I don't
> understand, 'cause
> Guido Socher from Linux Focus wrote that perl script to set up a
> connection and
> it needs to be chowned 6755 and owned by root.
> This thing used to work...

My understanding is that perl can emulate suid somehow - or when compiling
you can tell it that suid perl scripts are secure (it takes your word for
it, foolishly).

Other things being suid-able or not is, I believe, a kernel setup option. At
least, I recall seeing somewhere other than the perl setup script.

This does not constitute a recommendation, yadda yadda

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