embedded lfs

SirKnight sirknight at ntur.net
Sun Jul 15 13:11:55 PDT 2001

I've heard everyone say it's easy to get LFS down to under 200 MB but I was
wondering how small I could really make it.  What if all I needed was a
single X application that took full screen and needed no window manager and
used the framebuffer driver (I'm eventually gonna figure out how to do a
business card (<50mb) version of LFS).  For a distro like this you wouldn't
need things like bash and gcc and grep and etc (unless other programs
require it, like init scripts or whatever, you get the idea).  What is your
opinion as to how small a distro could get?  I'm also interested in linux
that boots off of a floppy and can be a name server, router,  whatever, and
diskless linux.

Also, question about the GPL and whatever other licenses affect LFS and
linux in general.  If I wanted to make an arcade game (the kind in the
arcade machines that you find in arcades) would I have to distribute my
source code?  I'd want to have the game on a bootable cd so the arcade could
easiliy put new versions of the roms in, but if I had to give source code
out it would ruin the game.  Competitors would easily be able to make their
own games, and cheaters/crackers would be able to find code exploits.  I
don't get this whole GPL (and other license) thing, I understand the basic
ideas and think it's a good thing.  What licenses other than the GPL would I
find in the kernel, and Xfree, and etc.?

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