two kernel questions

Andre Wyrwa a.wyrwa at
Sun Jul 15 16:04:17 PDT 2001

On Sun, 15. Jul 2001 um 03:50:58PM -0600, Jesse McCrosky wrote:

> Second, due to some gcc-3.0 issues I was forced to buildd my initial kernel 
> using my base system's gcc-2.95.3.  I have since rebuilt my kernel while 
> booted into the lfs system using gcc-3.0; however, when I run depmod it 
> complains about not being able to open modules.dep and tells me it's looking 
> for it in /lib/modules/2.2.19-1k/ which is my base systems location.  Anyone 
> know where depmod stores info on where it expects things to be?

You can give it a hint where to find it in /etc/modules.conf .
Use depfile=<path to the dependency file>.
For further information ask your oracle ... or read modules.conf man

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