embedded lfs

Kevin Krumwiede krum at oco.net
Sun Jul 15 20:36:43 PDT 2001

SirKnight wrote:
>require it, like init scripts or whatever, you get the idea).  What is your
>opinion as to how small a distro could get?  I'm also interested in linux
>that boots off of a floppy and can be a name server, router,  whatever, and
>diskless linux.

You can get a minimally functional Linux on a floppy:

And this might be just what you're looking for:

>Also, question about the GPL and whatever other licenses affect LFS and
>linux in general.  If I wanted to make an arcade game (the kind in the
>arcade machines that you find in arcades) would I have to distribute my
>source code?  I'd want to have the game on a bootable cd so the arcade

Only if you use GPL code in your game.


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