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Mon Jul 16 02:39:25 PDT 2001


I have decided to try to install a LFS-system on my Athlon 900. Now I wonder if
there is any Athlon-How-to  or  other document about how to get optimized code
for the Athlon?

I have noticed that the system gets identified as a i686-pc-linux-gnu -system.
Does this mean that it doesn't know it's a Athlon? Somewhere I've seen that it
should say k7-athlon-linux-gnu instead. I might be wrong, though. uname gives me
a "i686 - unknown".

I have realized that I will need the gcc-3.0 to be able to optimize for Athlon
but that I should install glibc with 2.95.x first. Anything else I need to know? seems to be down since quite some time, otherwise I guess I
could find some info there.

Grateful for any help I can get!


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