/dev/null and init

Frank Tiemann ft at sinneswandel.de
Mon Jul 16 03:27:00 PDT 2001

> The output you refer to is probably kernel output from the module itself,
> not insmod's output. Kernel output doesn't get redirected. If you want to
> get rid of it, look for the 'printk' statements in the kernel/module
> source and comment them out (with /* comment */ style commenting).

no, not really - if i start the network script manualy, there was no output 
- so (my personal think :) it's init.related...
but i don't know, how to work around :/

> HTH,
> ainsley
my orginial question:
>> i'm just wondering - the pipe "&> /dev/null" doen't work in the
>> init.process, right?
>> example:
>> /init.d/network:
>> insmod via-rhin &> /dev/null
>> started trough the init, insmod output is on the tty. started manual,
>> insmod output is redirected to /dev/null
>> /dev/null is rw-rw-rw

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