/dev/null and init

Frank Tiemann ft at sinneswandel.de
Mon Jul 16 04:04:03 PDT 2001

hi *

>> > The output you refer to is probably kernel output from the module
>> > itself, not insmod's output. Kernel output doesn't get redirected. If
>> > you want to get rid of it, look for the 'printk' statements in the
>> > kernel/module source and comment them out (with /* comment */ style
>> > commenting).
>> no, not really - if i start the network script manualy, there was no
>> output  - so (my personal think :) it's init.related...
>> but i don't know, how to work around :/
> No, Ainsley is probably right -- those are almost certainly printk() msgs.
> The reason you see them on startup, but not when run manually, is that
> klogd inhibits printk()-on-console, and instead logs those msgs in much
> the same way syslogd does.

hm, if i start the script manualy - there's no output at all (even in the 

> In every system I've seen, syslogd & klogd are started /after/ your
> network is set up, so when your network script is called, klogd isn't
> around to trap kernel log msgs.

slog:12345:respawn:/usr/sbin/syslogd -n -r -f /system/sysconfig/syslog.conf
klog:12345:respawn:/usr/sbin/klogd   -n -c 1 -x

this should be enough to start the *logd /befor/ the network, shouldn't it?

> - Adrian


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