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Mon Jul 16 06:31:58 PDT 2001

> > i686-pc-linux-gnu -system.
> >
> > > Does this mean that it doesn't know it's a Athlon? Somewhere I've seen
> >
> > that it
> >
> > > should say k7-athlon-linux-gnu instead. I might be wrong, though. uname
> >
> > gives me
> >
> > > a "i686 - unknown".
> >

> > I don't know if the "athlon" option in gcc-3.0 is just a link to "i686" or
> > not.
> >
> I also hear that GCC 3.1 includes some athlon-specific stuff, making
> -march=athlon actually do something. In time, it'll be fully supported in a
> stable version of GCC, they're working on it.

1) if uname gives "i686 - unknown" then something is broken on your
system and you need to resolve that before you worry about optimizing
code for the machine. A place to begin looking might be sh-utils.

2) Don't download any pentium/athlon gcc optimization patches...the code
is dirty and often breaks stuff.

3) The athlonlinux site DOES have some very good information about
optimizing code while using a vanilla gcc (i.e. not pgcc or athlon
patched). Try using those opts.

4) Right now with gcc-2.95.3 I am pretty sure athlon=i686 .. as far as
gcc-3.1 is concerned, the fact that 3.1 is already out is a reason why I
am still using 2.95.3 and will until gcc-3 development settles down a
little (lot).

5) When gcc-3 is fixed and athlon is fully supported is when you want to
concern yourself with opts other than what can be used now with
2.95.3...By that time though, the opts will most likely be integrated in
when using -mathlon

6) Remember DON'T use pgcc or athlongcc  patches .... You have been
warned and you won't get any help from people on the list if they know
you are using the patches other than, "Oh, you need to get rid of that
patch first, then we can help you"

Scot Mc Pherson
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