pbarbier at earthlink.net pbarbier at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 16 07:05:50 PDT 2001

>   does anyone know which package contains db.h? i need it to build the
> aic7xxx adaptec modules, but it doesn't seem to be included in the
> lfs-base packages...

Berkeley DB - it used to be included in the glibc package and was removed at
some point (for licensing reasons if I remember well). The package is available
from SleepyCat software.

I went through the same thing trying to compile the 'new' aic7xxxx module, and
I got it to compile but could never get it to link. I gave up and used the
'old' aic7xxxx module instead (which works for me).

If you get any further, I'd be interested to know how!

Pierre <pbarbier at earthlink.net>
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