Scot Mc Pherson smcpherson at
Mon Jul 16 07:36:23 PDT 2001

hegardt at wrote:
> But the site is down...! Havent been able to reach it since april.

I have a hard copy of the opts. I will publish them on my wesite

> Ok. Is 2.95.3 the latest of the gcc-2.95.x - series? Says on the pgcc-site that
> gcc- is newer (but that is maybe only concerning their patch??).

There are two "different" gcc- 's lying around. One is the
pgcc- the other is gcc- which is a patched up gcc that
allows RedHat's crummy gcc+glibc compile it. Although may be
"newer", its a different branch (or twig) from the main development
tree. 2.95.3 is the official "latest" gcc-2.95.x release.

Scot Mc Pherson
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